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Heating within the herd insulation and ventilation cooling equipment

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1 heating central heating

The central heating is pigsty with heat and heat for life by the center provides all kinds of boiler, temperature difference in the heat sink by how to adjust. Central heating can save energy, reduce air pollution, but the large investment, flexibility is poor.

2 "heating" decentralized heating

"Heating" decentralized heating are in need of heating in piggery, install one orseveral civil heating furnace to improve temperature. Decentralized heating flexibility,easy to control temperature, not limited by the power source, less investment, easy torepair, but the management of inconvenience, but also pollute the environment.

3 infrared light heating

Infrared lamp heating is simple, convenient, flexible, only need to install the powersocket can be used, but limited by the power source.

4 cold insulation mat grass

Mat grass cold insulation is one of the traditional method, still be the size of a small pigfarmers rent the place and. The poor effect of lactation, weaning piglets, and effort is large, but very economic.


1 ventilation

With longitudinal ventilation and transverse ventilation points. Transverse ventilationunit horsepower small, poor ventilation efficiency, and the noise is large; the longitudinal ventilation is a new method for the development of salt industry in recent years although single more horsepower, but the quantity is less, can save the total investment, and large volume, low power consumption, low noise, durable.

2 cooling

A cold wind cooling machine and sand blasting machine, fog cooling two. When theshed when the temperature is low, the water evaporative cooling fan cooling effect is good. Its working principle is water evaporation to reduce the air temperature in the.

Spray cooling is the use of water is pressurized by the water pump, a water spray pipethrough the filter into the spray, evaporation space in the home, the air temperature in the shed to reduce.

In addition, also can use some method of cooling. For example, a shed cover for pigmin Yang, tree shade, in the pig ground sprinkler cooling etc..

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