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In 2014 the temperature of plant ventilation cooling advice

Sendtime:2014-3-22 15:45:10

High temperature of the plant is very common, high temperature and ventilation cooling plant do?

What kind of ventilation and cooling is the most effective? Especially the investment is small, no power hood ventilation cooling effect is good, operation cost is cheap,simple to maintain ventilation cooling and ventilation cooling equipment is very high temperature workshop boss's attention. In order to solve the high temperature plant ventilation cooling problems, we first generate heat from high temperature workshopreasons, many factories are hot, muggy conditions, especially in the hot summer, if the room has heating machine, it is hot, muggy, if used central air conditioning toventilation cooling, not very realistic, many bosses for a one-time investment cost and operation cost, high and step back with central air-conditioning, electric fan, high temperature inside the plant, hot air can only be in the interior of agitation,temperature inside the plant, hot can not be solved well. Long term high temperature,hot working environment,

On the one hand the deterioration of equipment and staff working environment,affects the quality and efficiency of manufactured goods;

On the other hand, high temperature, hot air can be in the blues, be sleepy straws.,serious harm to the work quality and work safety.

In view of this situation, the negative pressure blower factory specially developed anew ventilation cooling products, ventilation equipment factory new (negative pressure fan), is a ventilation device is arranged in the industrial building walls or windows, it can promote the exchange of industrial plant outside the heat, the heat can be discharged in the workshop air the formation of air convection, and reduce the plantinternal temperature, when the ventilation phenomenon occurs, the fresh air from thefan on the opposite side of the windows or doors into the workshop, cold fresh airthrough the house, will absorb the heat around the room, the temperature near thepath through which the air is reduced, so the building ventilation equipmentinstallation in equilibrium workshop of the walls and windows, can play to reduce the temperature effect. At the same time, plant moisture, gas, dust or harmful gas is discharged to the outdoors, promote plant air circulation, improve the working environment, to protect the health of workers. Good ventilation environment also make human body fluid evaporation; played a natural cooling effect, thereby avoidingcaused by heat, not free of discomfort reaction, improves the work quality and efficiency.

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