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Summer enterprise ventilation cooling several reason to choose cooling fan

Sendtime:2014-3-22 15:45:52

In the lower reaches of Yangtze River in summer is hot, the industry to become the first to solve the ventilation problem of enterprises. In the workshop, workshop andsome public places, air cooling machine into enterprise ventilation cooling of choice.

Choose a few reasons of air cooler:

1, operation cost is low: compared with the traditional compressor air conditioningseries, power consumption of only 1/8-1/10;

2, no compressor, no cold coal, pollution-free environment-friendly products;

3, the cooling effect is obvious: the general can reach 5-9 ℃ cooling effect;

4, one hundred percent fresh air to change in ways that make people moment of nature environment, completely without the conventional air conditioning bring tofeeling;

5, low noise, small vibration: create a quiet and comfortable environment for your;

6, easy maintenance and installation, need not professional maintenance personnel.

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